Introduction: How to Make Money Blogging

Before we officially kick off this free course on blogging, I’d like to give a brief overview of what will be covered.

How to Find Niche Site Ideas

The first section will involve helping you come up with an idea for your blog – also known as finding a niche.  This is one of the most important skills to master to increase your odds of success and make the whole process enjoyable.  Even if you think you already know what you want to blog about, there still may be a few good nuggets of information that you can use to refine your niche hunting skills.

Setting Up Your Blog

The next section we’ll cover the basics of getting your blog set up.  How to find a good domain name, where to host your blog, how to install WordPress, choosing and setting up your theme and getting the basics of your blog set up and running.  Later on we’ll go into more detail about spicing up the basic blog by adding a logo and other stuff like that – so it looks like a “real” website and not some junky site.

Advanced Blog Setup

You may choose to get everything on your blog perfectly set up before you start writing articles, or you may choose a basic setup first, then refine as you go – at your own pace.  This section will cover topics such as installing Google Analytics, Google Search Console, recommended WordPress plugins and creating a logo for your blog.  We will also go over setting up basic starter pages such as contact, about me, privacy policy and touch on GDPR and other fun stuff like that.  Once you have finished this section, your blog should be pretty much ready to go.

How to Find Blog Post Ideas

Once you have chosen a niche and your site is up and running, it’s time to start the hard work of creating content for your blog.  Without high quality content, your site will go nowhere.  In this section we’ll provide you with some tips and tricks for coming up with good blog post ideas and create an editorial calendar or list of article ideas so you won’t feel like a deer in the headlights.  The goal will be to plan out the articles you will post on your blog in advance – in the same way you would if writing an outline for a nonfiction book.  This helps eliminate procrastination, writer’s block – and can give you a bit more confidence to take action.

How to Write High Quality Content that Brings Traffic to Your Blog

As of this writing, one of the key ingredients to getting traffic to your blog is to create valuable, high quality content.  In the early days of the web in the 1990’s, you could rank well by throwing up a few pages and stuffing pages with keywords over and over.  Some people think this trick still works, but I can assure you that no longer works 😁.

Anyway, the reality is you need to create high quality content in order to get traffic to your blog.  Create what you would like to exist if you were searching on your topic.  Provide a ton of value and you will be rewarded in return.  We’ll cover areas such as how to improve your writing, definition of a high quality blog post, types of blog posts, and more.  Other than that we’ll encourage you to actually follow through, write articles, hit publish and make them go live on your website.

Enhancing Your Blog with Photos and Video

This section will provide basic tips and tricks to improve the quality of your articles and blog by adding photos and videos.

Recommended WordPress Plugins

Learn which plugins to use and which ones to avoid.  With plugins, you can do just about anything and turn a dull default WordPress install into a more exciting and interactive one.

How to Monetize Your Blog

Once you have your blog up and running at it starts getting traffic and building momentum, you will want to consider monetizing it so you can hopefully create a brand new income stream for yourself.  There are many ways to monetize including Google Adsense, Amazon Affiliate Program and other advertising networks.

You can also use your blog to help sell your own existing products or services.  The blog can attract an interested audience which you can then convert to paying customers.  Anyway, we’ll cover many different tactics and give you a list of recommended advertising and affiliate networks and show you the best ways to use them with your site.

Other Topics Covered…

I recently saw an interesting video by George Kao, and because of this video I’ve decided to use this technique for writing all of the content for Niche Blog Course.  Instead of worrying about the order I write everything in, I’m simply going to start creating articles and eventually I’ll figure out what the perfect order is and create a table of contents for everything.  Here is that video in case you’re curious:

So, other topics that we’ll go into include WordPress security, backing up your blog, authentic photography/video, using pen names for your blog, how to write great headlines, how to use FTP to maintain files on your hosting account, how to deal with comment spam and more.

Are you ready?  Before I write the next article, create a document on your computer or using a service such as Google Docs and start brainstorming ideas for blog topics.  Or, buy a paper notebook and go to a coffee shop to brainstorm ideas – away from the distracting Internet.  Both methods are recommended.  The first article I’m going to post will give you several techniques for coming up with niche blog ideas, so when that article is ready, you’ll be that much closer to starting and making a final decision on the topic for your first blog.

You can also check out Niche Site Ideas, which is specifically focused on the topic of finding and creating ideas for blogs or other websites.

And remember, try to take at least one significant action each day to bring you closer to building a successful blog.  Cut out procrastinating habits such as napping, watching TV or playing video games and work on your website instead.  Keep this up and who knows… your blog could become  your full time income eventually!

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